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In 2018 Bramble Lane made a big change to our thriving commercial orchard       early in the spring when we built a brand-new cider pressing facility. 

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Our Product
Bramble Lane Cider is a perfect blend of sweet and tart ! With a deep caramel colour, fresh apple smell and unique taste you'll swear it was just pressed ! 
We use a double filtration and UV pasteurize system to ensure a safe product without heat changing the classic flavours we all expect from a sweet cider. 
Using the same base blend of apples each press, we like to keep it interesting by putting in a mystery bin of apples that were picked fresh that week. Our cider is always unique and the flavour changes each press-Sometimes it will be a bit more sweet and the next bottle may be a little bit more tart. With 43 varieties of apples grown on our farm we can always ensure a taste unlike any other. 
Our Facility
Our rack and cloth press was built in Norwich, Ontario by a man named Bruce Davis and his wife in 1972 where the couple ran a successful pressing business. From there it moved 15 minutes down the road to Frank E's Market in Vanessa. Completing the triangle, it now is 11 minutes up the road and residing in our cider room.
We are a small operation currently but we have many expansion plans for the future! Our current press line is complete with food grade materials, stainless-steel table tops, stainless steel holding tanks and stainless steel pipe work. We have begun the renovations on a full bottling facility and will have it ready to be used for the fall 2020 pressing season. 
Custom Pressing
If you are a fellow apple farmer and are looking for custom press work, we have you covered. We do custom pressing every Tuesday in September, October and November.
We follow strict regulations on our farm to ensure that our apples have no pests present and require apples that we are pressing to have no pests (Apple maggot, ect.). 
For other times of the year and pricing information please contact us !

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